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Yahoo! Chess backdoor -

Chess Backdoor

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Alligator TunnelAmateurs' ArenaAdequateAdvanced Blitz
Amoeba DropBeginner BlitzChallenging CafeAdvanced Lounge
Ant HillBeginners' BistroDecent DigsAdvanced Lounge 2
Badger BridgeEasy AlleyIntermediate ArenaAdvanced Lounge 3
Beetle SpotFresh MeatIntermediate BlitzAdvanced Lounge 4
Bunny HutchLearners' LoungeIntermediate LoungeAdvanced Lounge 5
Camel ClubLearners' Lounge 2Intermediate Lounge 2Advanced Lounge 6
Centipede ShackLearners' Lounge 3Intermediate Lounge 3Advanced Lounge 7
Coyote GulchLearners' Lounge 4Intermediate Lounge 4Advanced Lounge 8

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